"Bass Jigs from Toad Products ™ Lands More Fish"

Guaranteed you will hook a bass in the roof of the mouth with our jig, everytime!

Bass Fishing Jigs

Toad Products provides the most innovative and effective jigs in the industry. Our Barrel Head™ and Stealth Jigs™ are so advanced we guarantee you will hook the fish in the roof of the mouth or we will refund your money! Our unique head design stands up in the mouth of the fish and does not roll over like traditional jigs resulting in more landed fish.

The Barrel Head Jig outperforms traditional football and round head jigs as a result of the unique wide head. The jig has incredible life-like action as the jig falls naturally without spiraling resulting in more strikes plus our jig is extremely weedless slipping through rocks with ease and does not roll over when pulled through brush, cables and other debris.

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Identify the Correct Line Quickly

Pairing the correct line with the correct lure is critical for today’s angler. You’ll appreciate our nifty invention every time you need to change baits on the go. Our Line Identifiers make choosing a rod/reel combo easy and fast and could make the difference between a good fishing trip and a great one! Choose from our standard Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braid packs with multiple sizes for each type of line or our Assortment Packs for light or heavy line application in each line category.

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About Toad Products

Toad Products, LLC is a new start up company in the fishing and hunting industries. Launched in the Summer of 2011, our goal is to provide serious solutions to the serious outdoors man. Owned and operated by Professional Tournament Bass Anglers, Tim Gaskill and Phil Rein our products are field tested for optimum results.

Our first product, Fishing Line Identifiers, was introduced in June of 2011. This unique product features a series of colored I.D. bands that provide the angler an easy solution to identify the line type and size currently spooled on his/her reel.

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Shakey Head Jig in 5 sizes – 1/8, 1/4 , 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4.

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Brand New Bass Jigs

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Sporting and Fishing Dealers Welcome

Are you a sports or fishing dealer looking for a good return on a great new fishing...

Phil – Pro Bass Angler

Phil – Pro Bass Angler catches a Big Mouth Bass

Tim Gaskill – Pro Bass Angler

Tim Gaskill – Pro Bass Angler

Monofilament Line Identifiers

Mono-filament Line Identifiers Take One!

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Big Mouth Bass

Photo of a big mouth Bass.